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Multiple ways to participate


Stakers are the backbone of the security of the UltronGlow network. Staking liquidity into the validating nodes on the network ensures honest and reliable operation of the blockchain. Anyone can stake UTG tokens into the UltronGlow network and earn rewards.

Storage Provider

Storage Providers are the heart of the UltronGlow network. When you become a Storage Provider, you help grow the network by offering surplus storage on your terms and earn rewards. Anyone with 1 TB of free storage space on your computer and reliable internet connection can become a Storage Provider.

Rent Storage

Renters are the lifeblood of UltronGlow’s economic growth and sustainability. The UltronGlow Marketplace makes it easy for Renters to find and choose storage that suits their needs and budget. Renting storage on UltronGlow puts you in control of your data and how it’s stored.